Mallorca Tapas
Mallorca is known for Mediterranean cuisine and tapas.

Menu with mediterranian line

Varied, fresh, local and quite hearty - that is what characterises Mallorcan cuisine. The island has produced some specialities and is known for its Mediterranean line. Whoever enjoys one or the other delicacy on Mallorca has already had a good piece of Mallorca and can easily get an idea of how the food here matures and becomes. ood and Spain are essential parts of the good life in Mallorca. The Mallorcan saves on breakfast, but celebrates other meals, especially dinner. Three courses are then standard. Dinner is eaten in society and rarely before 21:00 pm.

The main ingredients of Mallorcan cuisine are vegetables (especially peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, aubergines), meat (especially pork & lamb), fish in all variations, snails, seafood and many a sweet little thing. Whether in small charming restaurants, the trendy beach bars, innovative gourmet restaurants, in the charming cellar vaults, at the weekly market or in the market halls - eating in Mallorca is an experience. Which specialities you will find on one or the other menu, we have put together here:


  • Bocadillos Spanish cuisine would be unthinkable without rolls covered with Serrano, cheese, tuna or meat. No matter if you stroll through the city, have a coffee or a snack at the beach - you can find
  • Bocadillos everywhere. Also popular is the Pa amb oli, a bread spread with tomato and oil.
  • Tapas The popular appetizers are not typically Majorcan, yet they are very popular. Tapas are versatile, experimental and sociable - how about a tapas tour with family and friends through Palma?
  • Coca Mallorquina The answer to Italian pizza is "Coca Mallorquina", a salty yeast dough topped with vegetables that originated on the Balearic Islands. In contrast to the Italian classic, however, it does not contain any cheese.
  • Sobrasada The raw sausage made of lean pork, some bacon and spices can be recognized by its strong red color. This sausage speciality hangs in almost every pantry in Mallorca and is a typical product of the island. Locals spread it on their country bread or refine other dishes.
  • Sopa Mallorquin A colourful mix of paprika, tomatoes, peas, garlic, onions and cabbage together with toasted bread makes a typical Mallorcan soup that is often served and enjoyed as an appetizer.


  • Frito mallorquin Rustic and agricultural, this is also Mallorca. A character that is expressed in this typical dish of the island. The preparation of the classic varies, a stew of offal and vegetables prepared in the traditional clay pot.
  • Arroz brut Although most tourists are familiar with paella, it is not originally Majorcan. Instead, the dish arròs brut ("dirty rice") is traditional for the island, a stew of rice together with meat or fish and saffron.
  • Suckling pig Especially in the colder season, when after a long hike you get hungry for something hearty, it is worth trying the Majorcan suckling pig, "porcella". It stews for hours in the oven until it is golden brown and juicy, inside still tender and pink. The meat mostly comes from the local black pigs and becomes a real delicacy with a spicy sauce.


  • Empanadas Like the bocadillos, empanadas are a typical ingredient of every Mallorcan bakery. The dumplings filled with spicy or sweet contents come in all kinds of shapes. Whether with vegetables, fish or meat - it is worth a taste.
  • Almond cake Gato d'almendra is perhaps the most beautiful temptation of Mallorcan baking. The almond cake always goes, as dessert, for breakfast or in between.
  • Ensaïmada de Mallorca Also original Mallorcan and a must during every stay in Mallorca. A filled or unfilled yeast snail, coated with lard and not to be missed at the cafe con leche.
  • Pa de Figa Somewhat sticky, but thoroughly delicious is the Majorcan fig bread, for which you don't need more than figs, aniseed (ground), almonds and a little sun to air-dry.

Best accompaniment

  • Vino Of course, how could it be otherwise. The cultivation of vines has always played a major role in Mallorca, shaping both the culture and the landscape of the Mediterranean island. Popular with the Spanish both for lunch and dinner. For wine lovers, the island offers numerous possibilities during their holidays - from wine tasting to a romantic dinner at a traditional winery.
  • Oranges One of the most popular excursions has always been a ride on the traditional train to Soller. In addition to this popular attraction, the mountain village is also known for another speciality - oranges. Sweet and juicy, a real treat. Also for the eyes - especially in autumn a hike is worthwhile to let your eyes wander over the valley and watch the farmers harvesting.
  • Olives Just like the orange trees, the olive trees also guarantee culinary pleasure and added value for the landscape. They give the island its incomparable Mediterranean charm and the pressed oils are the perfect souvenir for every hobby cook.
  • Hierbas Majorcan hospitality tastes as versatile as the island. In the popular aniseed brandy, numerous local herbs and flavours are used. There are numerous recipes and many restaurateurs, who traditionally serve the drink as a nightcap, put together their own variations.

Majorca cuisine recommendations

Mallorca Paella
Paella is national dish on the island.
  • 1st Ruta Martiana in Palma - If you would like to taste the "small" cuisine of the island, go to the Ruta Martiana on Tuesday evenings. In many bars and restaurants you will be served small snacks typical of Mallorca along with wine and beer. From tortilla to croquetas, calamari or chorizo - in many places the traditional classics find a new setting and are transformed in a modern and surprising way.
  • 2nd Tapas Tour - A tapas tour of Palma's old town will take you on a tour of the city's gastronomy. Accompanied by a local guide, you will head for the right bars and restaurants to taste delicious wines and melt in your mouth with bread and tapas of Mallorcan olive oil.
  • 3rd Gourmet Food - You can eat really well in one of the top restaurants on the island. For many years, this has included Xinos by star chef Gerhard Schwaiger. A gourmet rally for palate and senses.

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