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Mallorca Speedboat
Mallorca Speedboat
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Speedboat riding in Mallorca - racing over the water

You normally experience high speeds only on asphalt roads? In Majorca you can also have a blast on the water. Rent a speedboat and feel the wind whistling around your ears and the water refreshingly wetting your skin. Of course, you can also take it easy and enjoy the view of the beautiful bays, such as Cala Varques or Cala Torta. You decide how fast and where to go.

You have the choice whether you spend a few hours, a whole day or even a week on the speedboat. Pick out the right offer for your holiday and step on the gas on the Majorcan sea. Look forward to a special wave ride including fun and thrill during your Mallorca vacation.

What is special about speed boating?

A speedboat takes you quickly from one place to another. The motorboats reach a high speed on the water. With up to 90 kilometers per hour you will jump over the waves.

But be careful: Not everybody gets the up and down. Sea sickness is not uncommon in speed boating. Even if you don't have any problems when sailing or on a catamaran, it can happen suddenly on a speedboat.

Regardless, speed boating is a popular water activity and a real experience. You will see a lot of the coast in a short time and you will also have a little adventure on the water. In addition, the cool spray on hot days is refreshing and a real cooling off for everyone. In Mallorca there are even speedboat trips for families with children. You can find out where these take place in our Top 3 Speedboat Tips.

How safe is speed boating?

Even if the high speeds of speed boating can scare some people off at first. The 'normal' speedboats, as you know them on Mallorca, are hardly dangerous. The drivers of the speedboats have the necessary certificates, are experienced in handling speedboats and are at home in the Majorcan waters.

For your own safety you wear a life jacket. You will stand or sit on the boat, with handholds right next to you. In order not to fall or go overboard in the event of unexpected turns or wave bouncing, you are asked to hold on to these throughout. On some speedboats you will also be strapped to the boat with a rope and a carabiner.

Speedboat tip: Not everyone has the strength to hold on to the brackets. Try to assess yourself: Are you able to hold on for an hour or more?

More dangerous are the big brothers of speedboats, the so-called powerboats. These small racing boats can reach top speeds of up to 260 kilometres per hour. Since no mistakes are forgiven at these high speeds, the powerboats may only be driven with a special boat driving licence and on open waters. In Majorca you will hardly come into contact with powerboats.

Where can I rent a speedboat in Mallorca?

If you want to speedboat in Majroca and have the necessary pocket money on holiday, you can rent a powerboat including skipper in almost every harbour. The skipper should have the necessary certificate to drive a boat. In order to make the trip with your own speedboat pleasant and interesting, it is advantageous if you and the skipper can communicate in a common language. Then he will tell you something about the different parts of the coast and ports of Mallorca.

Where can I speedboat on Mallorca?

You can speedboat in all medium-sized ports in Majorca. To give you an easy overview, we would like to present you some routes below. In addition, there are of course an infinite number of possibilities.

These are our top three Speedboat Experiences:

For families: Speed boating on the east coast

On the east coast of Majorca it is worthwhile to depart from Cala d'Or. The tour takes about 1.5 hours and includes swimming stops in the picturesque bay of Cala Mondrago.

On the way you will pass by speedboat numerous bays like Cala Mitjana, Cala Ferrara, Cala D'Or, Cala Egos, Porto Petro and Cala Figuera. This trip is suitable for families with children. The speedboat tour takes place twice a day from May to October.

For discoverers: Speedboat trip on the southwest coast

The departure is in the international port of Palma de Mallorca. The speedboat tour takes you along the southwest coast, passing picturesque coastal areas such as Palma Nova, El Toro and Santa Ponsa. Various tours are offered here, which may also include swimming stops.

What is included in the price?

The price includes time on the speedboat, swimming stops, travel insurance and sometimes transport from hotel to boat. Usually there is no food on board.

Speedboat Tip: Ask when booking if a transfer from your accommodation to the harbour is possible. Often a pick-up service is offered free of charge.