A perfect day on the sea: rent a boat in Mallorca

Spend a wonderful day at sea just as you like - simply rent a boat in Mallorca at the best price and enjoy the sea! If you do not have a licence, you can rent a boat without a licence. There are several boats to choose from in Majorca: Rent a small motorboat, a motor yacht, a sailing boat or a speedboat. There are marinas all over the island, you can rent boats in Majorca per hour or day.
Mallorca Boat charter
Mallorca Boat charter
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The reasons why it is worthwhile to rent a boat in Mallorca

To really get to know Majorca, you should also see the island from the sea side and spend a day at sea - rent a boat in Mallorca! If you want to be independent, far from the crowded beaches, a boat charter is the right thing for you.

Exploring the island from the sea side is something very special. The many, small and idyllic bays offer many anchorage possibilities.

But beware! There are many legal regulations, which many a boat rental company on Mallorca does not comply with. Let yourself be shown the licences and check possible damages on the boat. Only then you can calmly look forward to a wonderful day on the Majorcan Sea.

It has many advantages to rent a boat in Mallorca:

1. It is the best way to enjoy the sea to the fullest.

It is a unique and wonderful feeling to spend a day on a boat on the sea. When you leave the coast and the crowded beaches behind you and go out to the open sea, your mind goes out and relaxation begins. When you rent a boat in Mallorca, you are on the sea for as long as you want, whether for three hours or the whole day. Enjoy the feeling of freedom, surrounded by water and with a view to the horizon, because this way you can quickly leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you.

2. You can rent a boat in Mallorca without having a licence.

With up to 4 persons you can go out to sea on a small motorboat - without any previous knowledge. If you rent the boat in Mallorca, you will receive a short briefing when you hand over the boat and then you can get started. Spend a relaxing day at sea with your friends or as a family! If bigger or faster motor yachts are desired, they can be chartered with a skipper who will take you to the most beautiful bays of the island or - if you have the sport boat licence (sea) - you can drive the boat yourself.

3. You can arrange the day at sea according to your wishes.

Do you like sailing over the sea and enjoy the wind? Would you like to rent a boat in Mallorca to go to the most beautiful bathing bay and swim and snorkel? Or do you prefer to anchor and sunbathe on a quiet stretch of coast? When you rent a boat in Mallorca, you can spend the day at sea the way you want to - without stress and exactly the way you imagine the perfect holiday.

4. Try out new boats

There are various boats for rent in Mallorca - from small motor boats for 2 persons, dinghies and catamarans to motor yachts, speedboats and sailing yachts that you can rent with or without skipper. Try out which boat you like most: A luxurious motor yacht to celebrate your 50th birthday, a fun day with the whole family in a small motor boat or a romantic trip on a beautiful sailing boat at sunset? Speedboat charter is also very popular, because of their construction the speedboats lift themselves easily out of the water at a certain speed and start gliding, so that you can race over the waves with speed and still be comfortable. When you rent a boat in Mallorca you can drive the boat of your dreams for a reasonable price.