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Taking dog to Mallorca

Travelling to Mallorca with a dog is possible and can be a dream - but requires good preparation and some research to find out about formal matters such as entry requirements and to find a suitable travel option and dog-friendly accommodation. Mallorca offers basically good conditions for holidays with a dog. Two- and four-legged friends can relax and enjoy time together. From the beach vacation to the walking vacation with dog is conceivable on Majorca many things. There is a good network of English-speaking veterinarians and from dog care to dog hairdresser all kinds of services.

Planning a holiday with a dog is a little more complex, but worth it. Perhaps the biggest hurdle for the Mallorca vacation with dog is the journey. All too many airlines that also let animals on board no longer exist after Air Berlin and Condor. The low-cost lines do not do this generally. With Eurowings (only cabin up to 8 kilos) and Lufthansa, Swiss, Norwegian, Vueling as well as Tuifly it is fortunately possible to take dogs with you. For more information see the section "Arrival". About 170 000 animals fly to or from Mallorca every year. Among them a large number of dogs that have found a new home in England or another country. But also residents, who leave the island over the holidays, take their animals with them on the plane.

Others stay on the island and find accommodation in a dog house on Mallorca, for example. You will find a selection of addresses at the end of the text. We have also collected the contact details of some veterinary clinics on Mallorca, which have a 24-hour emergency hotline. 

Four paws travelling - 4 tips

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Tip 1: Carry case

Dogs which weigh more than 8 kilos have to fly to Mallorca in the cargo hold, accommodated in a transport box. The airlines are guided by international regulations. For Lufthansa the box may have the following specifications: 125 × 75 × 85 cm. Inside the box the dog should be able to stand, lie and turn comfortably. No part of the dog's body may fit through the openings. The box must be waterproof (floor) and is not allowed to have wheels.
Mallorca Tierklinik

Tip 2: Precautions

Before the journey, inform yourself at the veterinarian about pending vaccinations (rabies is mandatory on entry) and parasite protection in Mediterranean countries (ticks, mosquitoes). Out of concern for the infectious disease leishmaniasis, many dog owners shy away from the Mediterranean region - because this is where the beach mosquito, which is considered the main carrier, is found. The beach mosquito is not so much found on the beach as in damp parts of the island. A good protection is advisable.
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Tip 3: Travel time

The midsummer from June to the beginning of September is not suitable for dog owners. Most beaches do not allow dogs, and the climate is very difficult for them. Trips are not recommended at temperatures above 30 degrees. The ideal travel time for a Mallorca vacation with dog are the pre- and postseason. From October and until April you can go on extensive walks and excursions with your dog.
Mallorca Leinenpflicht

Tip 4: Leash obligation

Even if you may have noticed that other dog owners do not adhere to the island-wide leash obligation in Mallorca - you better not play poker! If you get caught, you have to expect heavy fines. The only exceptions to the leash obligation are dog parks and dog beaches. The local police are also strict when the dog's remains are left behind (there are many communities with bag dispensers).

Dog-friendly beaches in Mallorca

Dog beaches: If you want to go to the beach and into the water with your dog, you have to be flexible on Mallorca and be able to arrange yourself in time and space. During the bathing season from April to October, many public beaches have a strict ban on dogs, but this does not mean that there are not also nice alternatives for two- and four-legged friends. This is generally called "Platja Canina" and means dog beach. At the following beaches it is allowed to take your four-legged friend with you:

  • 1. Es Carnatge (Palma): The beach is located in the flight lane of the airport between Palma and Can Pastilla. It is popular with locals and visitors alike and is well frequented all year round. Dogs and people are spread over several small sand bays and rocks. Es Carnatge can be reached by car as well as by bicycle from Palma. Visitors should, however, remain alert, as the equally well-frequented walking, jogging and cycling path to Palma runs above the coastal section.
  • 2. Cala Blanca (Andratx): The slightly stony dog beach near Andratx is quite manageable and can only be reached by a small descent - but there is a fantastic view of the sea between the rocks. It can be reached via the narrow and winding turnoff Cami de Cala Blanca from the Ma-1020.
  • 3. Punta Marroig (Calvià): This small rocky beach at Passeig del Mar is situated between the two main beaches of Palmanova and Es Carregador.
  • 4. Cala de Gats (Calvià): This small bay near Paguera also belongs to Calvià, where dogs can romp around without being tied up. You can reach Cala de Gats via a staircase in the Carrer Bellavista in Costa de la Calma. 
  • 5. Llenaire (Pollença): Directly at the coastal road (Via Alemanya) near the port of Pollença you will find the Playa Llenaire - a part of it has been released for dogs. However, this section is also rather stony.
  • 6. Na Patana (Santa Margalida): Our favourite. The most beautiful and spacious dog beach is in the north-east of Mallorca, near Can Picafort (Santa Margalida). From Playa Son Bauló you have to head east and then follow the signs.

Mallorca with dog - Tips for accommodation and travel

Accommodation: If you would like to spend your holiday on Mallorca with your dog, you will face a few challenges, especially when choosing the accommodation. On the one hand, dog rooms are rather the exception in most hotels of the large seaside resorts and common areas are often excluded from use. On the other hand, on booking platforms such as, more than 1000 providers have now introduced the dog paw - in other words: dogs are allowed. 

As an alternative, it is recommended to use holiday flats or apartments in the rural areas of the island and perhaps take the dog on a finca holiday. The country houses are often unbelievably beautifully embedded and offer a lot of space for people & dog besides the recreation factor. In this context you should also think carefully about where and when you want to be on the island. During the main season, it can be very stressful to take a holiday with your dog in the busy holiday resorts on the south or east coast. Those who would like to have it quieter, better move straight to the north or the centre of the island. 

Getting there: You have two possibilities to get to Mallorca with your dog: either by car and ferry or by plane. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The combination of ferry + car is certainly suitable if you have enough time to approach the route with a few breaks and your dog likes driving. Unfortunately, he can't avoid the transport box - during the ferry crossing, which takes several hours, this is mandatory. Also the dog may be visited on board only at certain times.

Faster is the journey by airplane. According to airline and size of the dog, the four-legged friend travels either in an appropriate transport box (follow the airline's instructions) in the cargo area with or in a bag in the footwell of the cabin (for dogs up to a maximum of 8 kg). Special regulations apply to assistance dogs. Exceptions to this are generally airlines such as RyanAir / Laudamotion and EasyJet, which do not transport dogs. If you would like to take your dog with you on the plane, you should make a reservation early and, out of love for dogs, include some boxing or flight bag training. For both travel options you need a European pet passport with current vaccination status (rabies). Dogs that are to travel with you may not be younger than twelve weeks and must be chipped.

You can find more information about taking pets on the websites of the respective airline.

At the airport: After landing you will find the drop-off point at Palma airport between baggage carousel 10 and 11. If you are flying from Mallorca and have to spend some time waiting, there is a lounge area for dogs and humans in Terminal C. 

Public transport: Up to now it was only allowed to take the dog on some city lines (20, 30, 2, 1, 3, 15 and 21). The transport company wants to expand the network. From 2020, new lines are to be added continuously. The dogs must be leashed in the bus and should either wear a muzzle or travel in a transport box. Currently, the dog ticket costs 30 cents (guide dogs and trained assistance). You must always get on the front of the bus with your dog and then stay in the back of the bus. Dogs are not allowed in most shops, hotels and restaurants. You are also not allowed to travel by train (except for assistance and guide dogs).

Majorca veterinary clinics:

  • Veterinary Hospital El Arenal - C./ Dragonera 3, 07600 El Arenal - Llucmajor, Tel. +34 971 441 213, Internet:
  • Hospital Canis Palma - C/ Agnès de Pacs, 12 Palma de Mallorca, 24-hour emergency room, Tel. +34 971 732 100, Internet:
  • Hospital Veterinaria Palma - C/ Son Morro, 4 - Polígon Son Morro (07007) Palma de Mallorca, Tel. +34 971 479354, Internet:
  • Hospital Veterinario Llucmajor - Carrer del Cardenal Rossell, 103, 07620 Llucmajor, Tel. 034 971 66 13 78, Internet:
  • Hospital Veterinaris Inca - Avinguda General Luque, 372 - local, 07300 Inca, Tel. +34 971 505 483, Internet:

Dog houses on Mallorca:

  • Birgit Wahle - Apartado 169 - E-07630 Campos / Mallorca Tel. +34 674275362 / Email:
  • Dog care Mallorca - Henk Rijkers Calle de Lluis Vives 07260 Porreres Tel. +34 971 168683 & +34 636 468081 / German, English, Spanish, Dutch
  • Doggy Deluxe Mallorca - Lugar Poligono 13, 368 07120 Lluchmayor Tel. +34 644 74 71 33 / E-mail:
  • Sweet Home - Camí Vell de Santa Magdalena, S/N, 07300 Inca, Illes Balears Tel: +34 971 88 20 32

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