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Would you like to go hiking in Majorca? Here you will find the best guided hikes in Mallorca in the beautiful regions of the island. Let the guides show you the often badly marked paths and learn more about the history of the island. You can choose from very easy to very challenging hikes - there is something for everyone! If you like variety, you can also explore caves while hiking in Majorca.
Mallorca Hiking
Mallorca Hiking
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Hiking in Mallorca - How to get to know the country and the people

You are a friend of nature and like to be active on the move? With hiking in Majorca you can combine both. For example, conquer the Puig d'Alaró with its medieval castle ruins on the edge of the famous Serra Tramuntana mountain range on the west coast, or discover Mondragó, a scenic nature reserve on the east coast. Hiking in Majorca will inspire you, because there are so many wonderful hiking trails - take a look at the 30 most beautiful walks in Mallorca. Enjoy the view of the impressive, partly untouched nature on your holiday trip. Set your own pace and take a break at particularly beautiful spots while you enjoy a picnic. Guided hikes in Majorca are also possible for example with an integrated cave tour. While hiking in Mallorca, the motto is always: the path is the destination! That is why there is a hiking tour in Mallorca for every taste, from very easy hikes for inexperienced hikers with little fitness to very demanding hikes for passionate hikers.

When is the best time for hiking in Mallorca?

Mallorca's Mediterranean climate is characterised by hot summers and mild, short winters. The spring months from the end of February to June are considered the best time for hiking in Majorca. During the high season in July and August temperatures rise to around 30-35 degrees. From the end of September to November it gets cooler again. In the winter months it rarely gets really cold, but there can be heavy rain showers. In the Tramuntana mountains there is sometimes even snow. A hiking holiday in Majorca for the almond blossom at the end of February is recommended. During this time the island is considered to be especially beautiful and the average temperature is mild 16 degrees. With the right preparation and suitable equipment you can hike in Mallorca all year round.

Our hiking tip: Be flexible! Between the coast and the Tramuntana mountains the weather is often very different. While it rains in the mountains, it can be dry on the coast.

What do I have to consider when hiking in Mallorca?

Hiking in Majorca is beautiful, but the mountainous landscape is often underestimated - so it is best to rely on an experienced hiking guide on one of the hiking tours in Mallorca. Alternatively, the following tips will help you when hiking in Mallorca:

  • The weather changes quickly.

    Especially in the Tramuntana mountains the weather can change quickly. Particularly in spring and autumn, pack a warm sweater or suitable rainwear as a precaution and make sure you have sturdy shoes. In the hot summer months you should always take enough water with you, as some mountain springs are difficult to find - even on a short hike at least 2 litres of drinking water per person are recommended!

  • There is little reliance on trail markings.

    You will probably be used to marked hiking trails. Even without a hiking map and knowledge of the area you will usually reach your destination. The situation is different when it comes to hiking in Majorca: Although the number of signposts has increased in recent years and numerous hiking trails have been opened up, there is still no marked network of trails. This is partly due to the fact that many hiking trails cross private property and the owners are not very enthusiastic about hiking tourism. In order to mislead hikers, property owners put up prohibition signs or change the routing. But private organisations and considerate walkers know how to help themselves:

  • Small stone pyramids show the way.

    Where official signs are missing or have been removed, small stone pyramids will show you the way when hiking in Majorca. These stone men, stacked one on top of the other, are intended to show other hikers the right way in unsafe or critical places.

  • Private property is not a barrier.

    Many hiking trails in Majorca lead over private properties. On the island, the traditional right of way applies: contrary to the opinion of the landowners, passing through landed property is permitted. However, it can happen that the passage is blocked by a gate or a fence. On the signs you will read the sentence 'prohibido el paso', which means 'no entry'. At such parts of the path, it is helpful to have a look into a hiking guide or to exchange experiences with other fellow sufferers. However, most property owners do not mind if you enter their property. The important thing is that you leave everything in its original state: open gates should be left open. If you meet a landowner or worker, greet him or her kindly and ask politely if you can walk on, saying 'Puedo pasar? In case of emergency, sign language and a friendly smile will help you.

What are the well known hiking trails in Mallorca?

As already known, there are only a few signposted hiking trails in Majorca. The GR-221 and GR-222 long-distance hiking trails are currently only partially marked. Most of the hiking trails are marked by the well-known stone men. After only a few hours you will get a glimpse of the piled up stones and you will discover them immediately.

Our hiking tip: If in doubt, keep walking straight ahead. As long as no other signpost appears on the route, this means that you should stay on your way. If you are hiking for quite a while without finding further signposts and you are too unsure, it is better to go back the same way before you get lost - often there is only very poor mobile phone coverage in the mountains.

The long-distance hiking trail GR-221 in Mallorca

The well-known GR-221 long-distance hiking trail in Mallorca is only partially signposted. It passes through historic towns and varied landscapes and takes you through the Tramuntana mountains from Port d'Andratx in the southwest to Pollensa in the northwest. You can hike the GR 221 on many guided hiking tours.

Where can I stay overnight when hiking in Mallorca?

There are various ways to spend the night when hiking in Majorca. One of them are the refugios, the year-round mountain huts, another are the self-catering huts.

  • Refugios in Mallorca:

    The refugios are similar to the mountain huts for hikers, for example in the Austrian Alps. With an appropriate registration it is even possible to have meals. The prices are the same in almost all mountain huts: A camp site costs about 10 Euros, a double room about 35 Euros and breakfast about 5 Euros.

    Our hiking tip: The refugios must be booked for a fixed date five days before arrival. Spontaneous overnight stays are hardly possible, since the demand for the often spectacularly located huts is high. This means that you have to plan your hiking tour in Mallorca and a suitable accommodation near the desired hiking routes in advance.

  • Self-catering huts on Mallorca:

    Besides the refugios there are the so-called self-catering huts. As the name suggests, these mountain huts are a slimmed-down version of the refugios. Most of the times, the self-catering huts are accommodations without electricity but with fireplace and sleeping place. Those who like it rustic when hiking in Mallorca are in good hands here. Water is available at the surrounding springs and you have to bring your own provisions. The fee for a self-catering hut in Mallorca is about 20 € per day.

    Our hiking tip: Here, too, you have to plan for the long term, as the huts are usually fully booked in the summer months. You can make a reservation through the Centre d'Informatió Serra de Tramuntana at the monastery of Lluc.