Those who love kayaking must come to Mallorca!

Enjoy a kayak trip in Majorca: rent a kayak or join a kayak tour in Mallorca! Discover the fantastic beaches, caves and islands off the coast of Mallorca from a different perspective. A kayak is often the cheapest way to make a trip on the sea. We offer you guided kayak tours in Mallorca with different levels of difficulty as well as the possibility to rent a kayak in Mallorca and make a individual tour.
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Mallorca Kayak
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3 reasons why you should rent a kayak in Mallorca

1. for kayakers, Mallorca is a nearby paradise, because apart from the 300 days of sunshine, Majorca offers fantastic cliffs, a multitude of impressive caves and many beautiful beaches with turquoise blue water. Especially the weather conditions of the island are ideal for a guided or private tour by kayak.

2. at the same time you can experience the typical mediterranean fauna and flora of the sea by kayak - and this in a very environmentally friendly way. Various caves, which can only be reached from the sea, can be explored by kayak on your own.

3. kayaking is also often the cheapest way to go out to sea and practice water sports yourself. However, a kayak tour is not necessarily exhausting: the effort required depends on the chosen tour, the swell and the wind conditions. Nevertheless, while kayaking you experience the satisfying feeling of having achieved everything with your own muscle power. To cool off you can of course take a jump into the cold water.

Where can I rent a kayak in Mallorca?

All over Mallorca there are kayak providers who offer pure rental or guided kayak tours. You should choose your provider according to the tour you can manage. Depending on your ability, there are beautiful sandy bays for beginners to tours along impressive cliffs for experienced paddlers.

  • Kayaking in the north of Mallorca

A kayak course or a kayak tour in Pollença between rugged cliffs and with wonderful views of the Sierra de Tramuntana is great fun. For the beginners among you, the water conditions are best in the morning. Pollença is known as one of the most beautiful places in Majorca for water sports due to its geographical location.

  • Kayaking in the west of Mallorca

There are many interesting features to be discovered by kayak along the west coast of Majorca, such as the sea-washed rocks in Sa Foradada, impressive caves like the one in V'ell Mari and rocky coves. Sóller, located in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana World Heritage Site, is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and offers crystal clear waters. So there's plenty to see and do when you go kayaking in the west of Majorca.

  • Kayaking in the southwest of Mallorca - Malgrats-Islands

Always close to the shore, this kayak tour takes you along the coastline in Santa Ponça to the Malgrat Islands. The mini archipelago of the Malgrats-Islands and the much smaller "rabbit island" Illa dels Conills is considered the landmark of Santa Ponça and is under environmental protection. The two islands can only be reached by sea - a kayak is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to visit the islands. As these areas are specially protected, there is a great variety of marine life and plants. Every year in August, a canoe race is also held around the islands.

  • Kayaking in the southwest of Mallorca with views of the Bahia de Palma

Puerto Portals, known for its exclusive marina, is located about 10 km from Palma and offers a fantastic panoramic view of the elongated bay of Palma in good weather conditions. There you can spend a nice day on the sea during a kayak tour. Advantage of this starting point is the location close to Palma and therefore the good accessibility.

  • Kayaking in the south of Mallorca

Very close to Colonia Sant Jordi is the famous, Caribbean-style beach "Es Trenc". If you are experienced in kayaking, this is one of the most beautiful starting points for a kayak tour that Majorca has to offer. After about 5 km of paddling you will reach the dream beach where you can spend a relaxing day in a kayak.

What is the best season to rent a kayak?

Due to the excellent climate, Majorca is suitable in every season for a private or guided kayak tour. In winter you may prefer to wear a wetsuit, which you can rent at almost any kayak station. In the Mediterranean, wind conditions are much better in the morning than in the afternoon. How about a kayak trip to the sunrise, for example? It is best to rent a kayak in the south of Majorca in autumn and winter, as you can best watch the sunrise from there.  

What do I have to consider when kayaking in Mallorca?

  • Your personal skills:

Even though kayaking is one of the easy water sports, you should not underestimate yourself on a self-organized kayak tour. At the beginning you usually paddle with the stream first. However, the stream can also change during the trip due to weather conditions. Personal safety always comes first, both when kayaking and during many other water sports activities. Therefore, do not overestimate yourself and rely on your tour guide's assessment when you rent a kayak in Majorca.

  • The equipment:

The right equipment is the base for a beautiful kayak tour in the nature. As the saying goes: "There is no bad weather, just the wrong clothes". The paddles as well as a life jacket are usually provided by the kayak provider. However, you have to make sure that you have warm, wind- and waterproof clothing as well as waterproof equipment for storing drinks, food, sunscreen and your mobile phone. For private tours, the kayak providers also provide you with information about the planned route, which you should read carefully and keep safe.

  • The planned route:

The most important thing is to always discuss the planned route again directly at the rental company! In this case your local contact person is the only person with sufficient knowledge who, depending on location, weather conditions and even time of day, can assess whether this route is suitable for a kayak trip and your abilities. You should also rely on tips from the kayak providers, who usually know the area like the back of their hand and can give you particularly valuable tips for your perfect kayak tour in Majorca.

There is hardly a better way to explore Mallorca's coasts than by kayak. We hope you enjoy your kayak tour in Majorca and will be happy to answer any questions you may have in our live chat, by phone or by e-mail!

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