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The Aquarium in Palma is a must for any visitor to Mallorca and offers special rates for adults and children. The marine and amusement park is ideal for family outings and offers an unforgettable experience 365 days a year with interactive activities, a stunning underwater world, a playground and a 3D cinema Aquadome.

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Palma Aquarium in Majorca: experience the amusement park in Palma

The Palma Aquarium in the south of Mallorca is absolutely worth seeing for all age groups and open all-year round.

Entrance Palma Aquarium + 3 Cinema Aquadome

  • Palma Aquarium Ticket + 3d Cinema Aquadome - per adult (age 13+) 32.50€
  • Palma Aquarium Ticket + 3d Cinema Aquadome - per senior (age 60+) 29.-€
  • Palma Aquarium Ticket + 3d Cinema Aquadome - per child (ages 3-12) 22.-€
  • Palma Aquarium Ticket + 3d Cinema Aquadome - per child (ages 0-2) 0.-€

Entrance Palma Aquarium

  • Palma Aquarium Ticket - per adult (age 13+) 29.50€
  • Palma Aquarium Ticket - per senior (age 60+) 25.50€
  • Palma Aquarium Ticket - per child (ages 3-12) 19.-€
  • Palma Aquarium Ticket - per child (ages 0-2) 0.-€

Booking option: Cheapest entry tickets for the Aquarium of Palma de Mallorca

Spend a fantastic day at a family trip in Mallorca to Palma Aquarium! In the opening hours, you will have time to see the more than 8000 sea creatures in 55 aquariums with approx. 5 million litres of water. Sit down on comfortable cushion seats at the deepest shark tank in Europe "Deep Blue" for watching the gigantig sharks, rays and numerous fish swimming by. At your visit in Palma Aquarium, you'll learn many interesting facts about the individual aquariums from the detailed and multilingual information boards.

At the jellyfish aquarium you can admire countless beautiful jellyfish that slowly float through the cylinder-shaped tank. At the area about the Mediterranean Sea, Palma Aquarium presents a special kind of underwater zoo, where you can touch sea stars and other sea animals and get to know them at close quarters. A large number of colourful and exotic marine animals from tropical seas are displayed in their own area. Also don't forget to visit the jungle rooftop garden with its 7 m high waterfall, the Mediterranean Gardens and the huge playground zone at Palma Aquarium for children.


  • Opening hours: 9:30 to 18:30 (last entrance at 17:30)
  • Days: daily
  • Months: possible all-year
  • Starting points: Palma de Mallorca


  • Entry fees

Detailed description

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Be enchanted on a wonderful journey to the underwater world at the aquarium in Palma de Mallorca. Get to know the big variety of sea creatures in the Mediterranean Sea and tropical seas. Observe the colourful fishes, the relaxedly drifting jellyfish, the sharks that calmly swim their laps and octopi that are masters of disguise. On your round tour through Palma Aquarium, you'll also learn about the fascinating and colourful world of corals and in an open tank you can touch sea stars and sea urchins to see how they feel. At the rooftop garden designed as a jungle with waterfall, numerous exceptional animals wait for you to discover them.

Palma Aquarium was established in 2007 and is property of Coral World International, the world leader in the creation of marine parks. In Palma Aquarium, ocean- and sea habitats as well as ecosystems were recreated faithfully with the aim of spreading awareness, knowledge and admiration for the beauty of the marine world and in order to encourage interaction with its many different species.

With Palma de Mallorca, the Palma Aquarium has a magnificent location on the island of Mallorca, just 50 metres afar from the sea. In 55 aquariums containing 5 million litres of salt water, you can find more than 8000 different creatures of around 700 different species found in the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The fondly designed aquarium in Palma is conveying lots of gripping facts about the seas, their animals and ecogoly in a fun and interesting manner for all age groups.

Philosophy of Palma Aquarium

The aquarium in Palma is getting involved in various help projects to sustain the marvellous sea world. It is an authentic marine observatory, in which the ecosystems and habitats of the sea can renew themselves reliably. At Palma Aquarium Mallorca, you'll experience the incredible richness of the seas in flora and fauna with your own eyes. According to the motto "learning and understanding in order to appreciate and protect", the aquarium in Mallorca operates with one main objective: to spread awareness, knowledge and admiration for the beauty of the marine world.

Activities in Palma Aquarium

The Palma Aquarium in Mallorca is much more than a marine park, it's also a leisure park for adults and children. During summer, the main attraction is diving with rays, which is ideal for the whole family (children from 8 years). In the vast playground zone you can enjoy yourself numerous attractions for all age groups. At the daily animal feedings (the hour depends on the species), the zookeepers explain the characteristics of each species and answer your questions.


Valid on the reserved day or for 12 months after date of purchase if no date has been selected. You will receive the tour operator's details with the purchased ticket. A reservation is not required but we recommend checking opening hours before going on the tour/excursion.

Customer Reviews Palma Aquarium in Majorca: experience the amusement park in Palma

Lilia wrote on May 9, 2024
Overall rating
100 von 100

Great for adults, ideal for children

A great experience for us and most of our children. Great underwater world, colorful coral, shark tank, rainforest and diving action with skates. Wow, sustainable memories for all of us. So much to see, wortwörtllich for dipping. Not only fish, also plants and waterfalls. Yes, we saw Nemo! Café and play area for the kids offer short breaks.

Toll für Erwachsene, bestens für Kinder

Ein super Erlebnis für uns und am ehesten für unsere Kinder. Tolle Unterwasserwelt, bunte Korallen, Haifischbecken, Regenwald und Tauchaktion mit Rochen. Wow, nachhaltige Erinnerungen für uns alle. So viel zu sehen, wortwörtllich zum Eintauchen. Nicht nur Fische, auch Pflanzen und Wasserfälle. Ja, auch Nemo haben wir gesehen! Café und Spielbereich für die Kids bieten kleine Pausen.
Miriam wrote on Feb 3, 2024
Overall rating
60 von 100

nice experience

Last summer, we visited the aquarium. A magnificent experience. To accompany young, we thought that it might be a bit boring. But despite the long wait, it was worth the visit. The only thing, difficult to find a parking near the aquarium. Next time we will choose the options with hotel pickup.

Bonita experiencia

El pasado verano, hemos visitado el aquarium. Una magnifica experiencia. Al acompañar a los pequeños, pensabamos que pudiera ser un poco aburrido. Pero a pesar de la larga espera, valio la pena la visita.

Lo unico, complicado encontrar un aparcamiento cerca del aquarium.
La proxima vez elegiremos la opciones con recogida en el hotel.
Susi wrote on Feb 3, 2024
Overall rating
100 von 100

Well designed!

Best when not much is happening thing in the morning. In any case better than the Sea Life. We like to come again again.

Gut gestaltet!

Am besten gleich morgens, wenn noch nicht soviel los ist.

Auf jeden Falls besser als das Sea Life. Wir kommen gerne nochmal wieder.
Hattie wrote on May 20, 2019
Overall rating
100 von 100

Very pretty

We had a nice day with the family. An alternative to the days of bad weather and the children enjoyed it a lot. Also now they have the new attraction of the whales

Muy bonito

Pasamos un día agradable con la familia. Una alternativa a los días de mal tiempo y los niños disfrutaron mucho. Además ahora tienen la nueva atracción de las ballenas
Sabine wrote on Apr 22, 2019
Overall rating
100 von 100

Ideal in bad weather

Total good activity in bad weather on the island. I was there with my family and can only recommend it. For children there is a lot to discover and even the adults will not be bored.

Ideal bei schlechtem Wetter

Total gute Aktivität bei schlechtem Wetter auf der Insel. Ich war dort mit meiner Familie und kann es nur weiter empfehlen. Für Kinder gibt es sehr viel zu entdecken und auch den Erwachsenen wird es dabei nicht langweilig.
Anette wrote on Apr 22, 2019
Overall rating
80 von 100

Highlight for families

The Palma Aquarium is really beautiful! Our kids loved it. We had a great day.

Highlight für Familien

Das Palma Aquarium ist wirklich sehr schön! Unsere Kinder waren begeistert. Wir hatten einen tollen Tag.
Melisa wrote on Apr 18, 2019
Overall rating
100 von 100

Just right for the little ones

We all enjoyed the trip but especially the kids had a wonderful day at the aquarium

Genau das Richtige für die Kleinen

Der Ausflug hat uns allen sehr gefallen aber gerade die Kinder hatten einen wunderschönen Tag im Aquarium

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