Parasailing in Mallorca - floating over the sea with a parachute

With parasailing in Mallorca you fly with a parachute over the sea while being pulled by a motorboat. Enjoy the unique feeling of floating and the incredible view over Mallorca. Parasailing will be your unforgettable holiday experience! Choose a single parachute flight or save when booking a water sports package with several water sports activities. We wish you a good flight!
Mallorca Parasailing
Mallorca Parasailing
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How does parasailing work in Mallorca?

Parasailing has been around since the mid-1970s, ever since skydivers tried to find another way to fly. The variant of the current parasailing, in which a motorboat with sufficient weight and pulling power pulls the parachute behind it, has established itself. This way the parachute can float above the sea and offer wonderful views. Parasailing has been professionally offered in Mallorca for many years: With a special parasailing boat the start and landing is not only possible from the beach or jetty, but also from the boat. Parasailing already has a wide fan base in Mallorca, because floating above the water at airy heights allows fantastic views over the island. So you can see not only your holiday resort, but also the turquoise blue sea and - if the weather on the south coast is very good - a view as far as Ibiza. Many parasailing providers also offer water sports savings packages, which allow you to book several water sports activities as a cheap package.

When parasailing in Mallorca, you will first receive a short briefing, then you will be strapped in and connected with the parachute. As you are flying over the sea, you will always be provided with a life jacket for safety reasons. Depending on the provider, the start of your parasailing flight in Mallorca is from a platform, from the jetty or directly from the parasailing boat. Shortly after take-off you will take off with a parachute into the air. Now the motorboat pulls you forward powerfully while you climb up to a height of approx. 60 m and from there you have a fantastic view over Mallorca. Treat yourself to an unforgettable parasailing flight during your holiday in Mallorca!

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