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Leave nothing to chance! By booking a private transfer you need to make no more worrying how to get from the airport to your accommodation. Never again fully occupied buses, where you need to leave the hotel for hours.

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Book a cheap transfer in Mallorca Here you are traveling on your holidays in the sunny Mediterranean island tremendous prices. It does not matter whether you are traveling alone or with a multi-member tour group, the transfer in Mallorca always played a major role, after all you do not want to have to go the distance on foot. With our tickets you need to think about the topic Transfer to Mallorca no more thoughts. A customer-friendly service for the transfer to Mallorca takes you, for example, safely from the airport to your accommodation so that you can completely stress-free move into your holiday accommodation. Of course, the transfer in Majorca is also a topic of discussion when visiting a landmark or have a specific goal in mind on the island. We ensure that you will have to spend a fortune for the transfer to Mallorca. You can invest the content of your travel budget in your vacation pleasure of having to turn around twice without a penny. Find out more on our website. About prices and conditions of carriage Here you can see to it that the transfer in Mallorca works before you get on the plane.

Mallorca has an international airport, the Aeropuerto de San Juan. It is approximately eight kilometers east of the capital Palma. Despite the high passenger traffic, there is only a terminal here. The only arrivals level is therefore relatively manageable.

The general arrivals hall of all scheduled and charter flights I located on the ground floor of the airport, at the level 0. taxis, buses, tour operators and public transport waiting at the exit to the tourists. Whether you travel to Alcudia, Picafort, Cala Millor, Cala Ratjada or Paguera - you will find a suitable transfer option at the exit of the arrivals level. Every place on the island can be reached from the airport within two hours.

How do I get the best from the airport to Palma and El Arenal?

If you have booked a hotel in Palma or beach section El Arenal, take the public bus lines 1 or 21 there - cheap and fast. Line 1 connects the airport with the main attractions of Palma and the beach promenade. The route ends at the foothills of the international port.

Bus 21 connects the airport to the popular resort of El Arenal. The route goes past all the beach areas of the famous nightlife district, the Balenario 1 to 15. The bus drivers know the hotels along the route. It is enough if you give the name of the hotel, the driver will be able to tell you your stop.

The fare for a single journey is about 3 Euro, no matter how far you will go. You can and do not need to book in advance the bus. When entering you pay directly from the driver. Buses are based on the flight operations and continue all year. Line 1 runs in 15-minute intervals, line 21 in 30-minute intervals.

Bus Tip: The bus driver preferably takes coins and banknotes to 10 euros. If you have more notes, you can change at the airport or in the adjacent parking garage.

Attention! During the summer months the buses are regularly overcrowded. Imagine a little hustle on.


How expensive are the taxis in Majorca?

The taxis waiting at the Palma de Mallorca airport outside the arrivals hall of the plane O. The prices in Mallorca are usually very expensive. A speedometer is now used by almost all taxi drivers. If your taxi driver exceptionally not use Tachometer, assign it manually then. In addition to the normal fare an airport fee of several euros per vehicle will be charged.

Taxi Tip: Please get off only in reputable taxis. If you do not feel comfortable, then you can give a receipt at the end of the ride. This can help you with any complaints.


How do I get to my destination?

Different companies take you from the airport to the four corners of Mallorca. The transfers are seven days a week throughout booked. Provided you book in advance.


Why should you book the transfer in advance?


1. The transfer booking is easily accessible.

You will be picked up directly at the output and transferred to the transport. After a long day of travel you must not look only after a transfer and compare prices on the spot. Are also the snake falls off at a pre-booking of the transfer for you. The driver will be waiting with a sign with your name on it.

2. Avoid Fixed prices surprises on the first vacation day.

It may happen that the last-minute transfer prices are higher than the prices in advance. This can lead to nasty surprises at the airport. With a fixed booking is the price. As a rule, no extra costs will come to you.

3. No matter what time it is, someone will pick you up.

No matter how much delay your flyer in Mallorca lands: The booked transfer service will wait for you and bring you to your destination.


Which transfer agent should I choose?

On Mallorca Airport are various transfer options for you: The public bus lines 1 and 21 will take you to Palma and El Arenal. You also have the option to rent a car, to take a taxi or book a convenient individual transfer. For long distances or groups there are the following options: shuttles as minivans and coach, Speedy shuttle and minibus transfer for groups.

Shuttle transfer to Mallorca: cheap and easy.

As shuttles apply common transfer options from the airport to your final destination. You share the shuttle with other people who are brought to similar accommodations on the track. Is paid for a seat on the shuttle, respectively.

Airport Shuttle and shared transfers are usually not intended for the ride to villas or private addresses. The shuttles are governed by the hotels on the route. If you privately to stay, however, the provider may determine you go to a hotel near the private address - enter it to the respective hotel address when booking.

Also you should note that there can be delays at the airport, as the shuttle buses run on a schedule. The specified transfer duration is estimated and depends on traffic and number of intermediate stops while driving.

Shuttle Tip: Make sure that the transfer service is not just limited to your holiday destination, but will take you directly to your destination. A door-to-door shuttle service is, however, now the rule.

Good to know: Even children, no matter how small to pay for a place. A driving on the lap is not allowed. Depending on the number of tourists varies the size of cars, of minibuses up to up to big coaches.

Minibus transfer Mallorca: for groups and families.

For a family or group transfer are in particular minibuses. You can book the bus in advance and will be picked up with your group at the airport.

The advantage: You do not have to share with other people the vehicle and be brought directly to the destination. Prices are usually per vehicle, including fuel and driver.


How far is it to ...

All destinations in Mallorca can be reached from the airport in less than two hours. To give you an idea of ​​the distances, we have picked out the most popular resorts with mileage and transfer time for you. If you book in advance will cost between five and ten euros, single trips.

Please note: The travel time depends on the number of stops along the route and the route. The more stops, the longer it lasts.

... Alcudia, in the northeast of Mallorca?

Alcudia is located approximately 38 kilometers from the airport, in the northeast of Mallorca. Your destination will be reached from the airport within an hour with an airport shuttle service.

... Can Picafort, in the northeast of Mallorca?

Can Picafort is located in the Bay of Alcudia and is a famous tourist city. The 60-kilometer route they will travel within about 50 minutes with a shuttle transfer.

... Cala Millor, in eastern Majorca?

Cala Millor is a great tourist destination, is visited by up to 25,000 people at a time. The beach of Cala Millor is one of the most popular beaches of Mallorca. For the more than 70 kilometer route you will be traveling about an hour with the airport shuttle.

... Cala Ratjada, in the east of Majorca?

Cala Ratjada is located in the eastern part of Mallorca and is located about 80 kilometers from the airport. Even this relatively long distance, you will reach the airport transfer to Cala Ratjada within about 75 minutes. Close to Cala Ratjada is also the easternmost part of the island.

... Paguera, in western Mallorca?

34 km away and the airport is the town of Paguera, at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains. The transfer takes about 30 minutes.


What should I consider from the airport during the transfer?

The transfer from the airport to your destination is actually very simple. However, you should note or concerns before it comes to nasty surprises on the spot a few things:

Every child needs a seat.

A driving on the lap is not possible. Children are always classified as 'fully-fledged' passenger and therefore occupy an entire seat. Please inform yourself in advance whether a child seat in the car is available - otherwise it may be that your child is sitting without necessary protection in the shuttle. May fall when booking a child seat at an additional cost.

Booking in advance is more convenient and saves time.

Pre-book is not only cheaper, but will save you time that you would have needed otherwise in the queues at the airport. Your fetcher know when you arrive and also depend on delays.

Do not forget to book a transfer for the return flight!

In the hustle and bustle of travel preparation the return is often forgotten or not taken into consideration. Please be aware that a transfer that is booked by the hotel reception, possibly may be more expensive than a transfer to book online.

Transfer Tip: Book the transfer at least 2 days prior to departure and align yourself enough time buffer to your return flight a. Shuttle service usually calculated at the airport 2.5 hours before departure a.

Special transfers must be notified in!

Special transfers are possible, but must be notified in advance. Otherwise, it may happen that your bike or your golf luggage for the time being must at the airport waiting for you. Or you have to pay a high cost. Because even in a minivan is limited space.

For travel with the disabled: Even Disabled vehicles can be booked in advance. Please inform the transfer provider as accurately as possible on the existing baggage and the mobility of travelers.

Transfer shuttles are also available for trips and excursions in Mallorca.

Most transfer shuttles are also privately available for booking, including the driver. For private tours will take you where you want the driver there, and of course back. The price varies according to mileage, number of hours and days.

Print voucher.

No matter on the terminals you have saved the book, a printed copy is sometimes worth gold! Especially when after a long journey the battery runs low or the Internet is limited or not available. If you do not have proof of the booking made with him, it can happen that a driver will reject.

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