First trial dive in Santa Ponsa or OWD dive course in Majorca southwest

Discover the nature-protected underwater world of Majorca with the dive centre in Santa Ponsa! Choose between a trial dive for beginners, a certified Open Water Diver dive course in Santa Ponsa or guided dives for experienced divers.

  • Tour / activity duration: depending on selection
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, French
  • Transfer: only from Santa Ponsa
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Price overview

  • ca. 3 hrs Discover Scuba Diving in Santa Ponsa - per person (from 12 yrs)90.-€
  • ca. 4 days PADI Open Water Diver dive course - per person (from 10 yrs)415.-€
  • 2 guided dives incl. entire equipment - per certified diver97.-€
Dive centre with experienced, English-speaking dive instructors

Overview / General Information

Actively explore Majorca at scuba diving in Santa Ponsa

Indescribably beautiful dives in Majorca southwest, a zone full of maritime reserves with a unique nature. For beginners up to experienced divers, the dive centre in Santa Ponsa offers a safe and very special scuba diving experience. For all dive offers applies:


  • Months: 1st of April - 31st of October
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, French
  • Pick-up included in the price from: Mallorca Southwest (Calvia, Paguera, Portals Nous, Santa Ponsa, Magaluf, Palmanova)
  • Starting points: Mallorca Southwest (Santa Ponsa)

Option 1: 3 hours trial dive in Santa Ponsa for beginners

The first dive experience in Santa Ponsa is perfect for everyone who wants to go diving for the first time. Together with a skilled dive teacher, you dive to a low depth to get a first impression of diving in Mallorca.

  • Arrival at the dive base in Santa Ponsa, filling out the papers
  • Small theoretical introduction by the dive instructor
  • Gathering of the equipment, then you go on board of the speedboat
  • Approx. 15 minutes boat ride to the dive spot in the marine reserve of Malgrats islands, normally a very small, quiet bay, that is ideal for your first dive experience, since you first can do some small exercises in shallow water to get used to the diving equipment
  • First trial dive: underwater stroll of approx. 50 minutes in a depth of apprpx. 6 metres
  • Return to the dive basis in Santa Ponsa, unloading, showering and filling out of your trial dive certificate


  • Duration: ~ 3 hours
  • Hours: 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Days: daily from Monday - Saturday


  • Wetsuit, experienced instructor, introduction, insurance, boat ride
  • entire diving equipment, trial dive certificate

Option 2: ca. 4-5 days PADI Open Water Diver dive course in Santa Ponsa

The Open Water Diver dive course in Santa Ponsa is perfect for everyone who wants to get the internationally valid PADI diving licence, with which you can dive worldwide to up to 18 m depth. The duration of the dive course depends on you: If you want to practise more, it takes longer, if you learn quickly, it takes less time. For the OWD dive course, a simple medical dive certificate is necessary, which you can also obtain at the English-speaking medical centre in Santa Ponsa for approx. 35 €.


  • Duration of the OWD dive course: approx. 4-5 days (upon your needs) from ca. 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Also possible for children: from 10 years
  • Theory: you'll do the theory yourself upfront with the online textbook (internationally standardised PADI learning material in English), so on site you only need to do the short theory test and the practical exercises; you'll receive the access to the textbook after booking per email


  • 2 pool exercise lessons, where you'll learn the basic snorkeling- and dive techniques
  • 4 boat dives in open water, where you practise the learnt techniques and continue with further exercises
  • wetsuit, entire diving equipment, experienced teacher, introduction, accident insurance, boat rides, Open Water Diver license


  • Days: daily

Option 3: 2 guided dives in Santa Ponsa for experienced divers

All experienced divers that already have the Open Water Diver licence or a higher diving licence, can book the savings package of 2 guided dives from Santa Ponsa and dive at various dive spots in the closely located maritime reserves.

  • Meeting around 9:00 AM at the dive centre in Santa Ponsa, filling out the papers, check of the bottles, equipment is provided, you'll be split into dive groups (one dive guide per dive group, who helps you with everything regarding the dive)
  • Approx. 15-25 minutes boat ride to the dive spot for the first dive, during the boat ride you'll receive the briefing for the dive spot with maps of the underwater landscape
  • First dive approx. 50 minutes, afterwards break of approx. 40-45 mminutes and changing of the bottle, boat ride to the second dive site
  • Second dive approx. 50 minutes in a bit less depth than the first dive
  • Approx. 1:30 PM return to the dive centre in Santa Ponsa, filling out the logbook and lunch together (not included in the price)

Please bring

  • dive certification, logbook, and - if you have one - your diving insurance (can also be taken out for 8 € / day on site)


  • experienced guide, wetsuit, mask, snorkel, fins, buoyancy jacket, diving regulator, dive computer, bottles, lead, boat rides


  • Duration: ~ 4.5 hours
  • Hours: 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Days: daily
Important information
  • If desired, you can rent an underwater camera + USB stick for 25 € / day to make pictures of your dive experience and take them with you.


  • Ability to swim
  • Normal fitness level

Please bring along:

Swimwear, towel, sun blocker, snacks, spare clothes, drinks

Detailed description

Scuba diving in Santa Ponsa

Discover the secrets of Majorcas colourful underwater world at scuba diving from Santa Ponsa at marvellous dive sites, in magical caves or at fascinating shipwrecks and enjoy the exceptionally clear water of the maritime reserves of Majorca. Welcometo the diving center in Mallorca southwest! The dive center is the ideal venue for all divers - no matter if you're a complete beginner or an experienced diver. Both will feel comfortable in the cozy dive centre. The multi-lingual dive instructors and guides offer the best service and a profound, internationally standardised dive education. More than 30 different, exciting dive spots are available closely, most of them located in the four maritime reserves El Toro, Malgrats, Cabrera and Dragonera. The best is that you can reach most of them within less than 20 minutes with one of the three boats of the dive centre in Santa Ponsa, that is open all year.

Marine reserves in Majorca

El Toro

El Toro marine reserve is undoubtedly the most visited dive spot of the Santa Ponsa scuba dive centre. The natural richness of El Toro is the splendor of Majorca and Mediterranean life: moray eels, groupers, amberjacks, meager, barracudas, nudibranches, octopuses and hundreds of other species - a surprising amount of species that makes diving in Majorca a unique experience. The dive site is suitable for both beginners and experienced divers due to the ideal diving conditions. The maritime reserve El Toro and the marine reserve Malgrats Islands are closely located to the Santa Ponsa diving centre (5-10 minutes). Both have strict scuba dive- and fishing regulations. With the dive school in Santa Ponsa you're allowed to dive in this unique nature area and you contribute conserving this marine reserve.

Malgrats Islands

Since its creation in 2004, an incredible increase of marine life at the Malgrats marine reserve and its surroundings has occurred. 5 diving spots around the impressive Malgrats islands at the southwestern coast are regularly visited at the guided dives from Santa Ponsa. The marine reserve Malgrats is also just 5-10 minutes afar from the dive centre in Santa Ponsa. It's protected by strict fishing- and scuba diving regulations, so you can only dive there with a licenced dive school.

Cabrera National Park

Cabrera National Park is a group of islands on the southeast of Majorca declared as a marine national park at 29th of April 1991. Cabrera is a unique treasure of nature and therefore a paradise for divers, since its isolation in the course of the years made it possible to remain almost unchanged until now. The coastline of Cabrera is one of the best protected ones in Spain and one of the best in the Mediterranean. Furthermore, you can see important sea bird colonies and other species just typical in that area can be found on the island. But the most outstanding is the underwater life - enjoy breathtaking guided dives in Cabrera from Santa Ponsa. Full day scuba dive trips to Cabrera are organised during the summer months, just ask us about it. The dive trips include 2 dives plus a stop at Cabrera harbour, where you can visit the castle, the museum or explore the island.

Dragonera Island

On the southwest of Majorca, you can find the island Dragonera, an extension of the mountain range Serra de Tramuntana. It was declared a natural park in 1995. The crystal-clear waters and the isolation of the island, which was created by the geographical location, made Dragonera to one of the places with some of the most attractive dive spots of Majorca. The gigantig big cliffs with vertical rock walls of up to 50 metres depth allow you to spot large shrimps. The caves with enclosed air bubbles are some of the most unique dive spots you can find on Majorca.


Valid on the reserved day or for 12 months after date of purchase if no date has been selected. You will receive the tour operator's details with the purchased ticket. Attention: reservation is required! The reservation can be made through sunbonoo as part of the booking process or later by contacting the tour operator directly via phone or email.
Please note: we recommend a general practice of allowing a surface interval of 24 hours or more before flying after diving to prevent decompression sickness.

Customer Reviews Actively explore Majorca at scuba diving in Santa Ponsa

Julia wrote on Mar 20, 2017
Overall rating
100 von 100

fascinating experience

I´ve been through with my friend the introductory course and it was great! The instructors were very nice and explained everything to understand. arrived when we n danna the bay went off and we are dipped for the first time! The bay was beautiful and we were fascinated by the underwater world. After this little dive we then decided to properly learn how to dive and then have home made a real diving course. I can recommend everyone this taster, de is never dived and want to try!

faszinierendes Erlebnis

ich habe mit meinem Freund den Schnuppertauchkurs mitgemacht und es war klasse! Die Tauchlehrer waren sehr nett und haben alles verständlich erklärt.
Als wir danna n der bucht angekommen sind ging es los und wir sind zum ersten mal getaucht! Die Bucht war wunderschön und wir waren ganz fasziniert von der Unterwasserwelt. Nach diesem kleinen Tauchgang haben wir dann entschlossen richtig Tauchen zu lernen und haben dann Zuhause einen richtigen Tauchkurs gemacht. Ich kann jedem diesen Schnupperkurs empfehlen, de noch nie getaucht ist und es gerne ausprobieren möchte!
Laura wrote on Mar 20, 2017
Overall rating
100 von 100

great experience

It was our first time doing diving. Before we did snorkeling excursions but never Diving. It was a great experience and very different to snorkeling. The instructors were very nice and They Showed us best brest hanging techniques. So the place were we practiced diving was very special and nice.

great experience

It was our first time doing diving. Before we did snorkeling excursions but never Diving. It was a great experience and very different to snorkeling. The instructors were very nice and they showed us best bresthing techniques. Also the place were we practiced diving was very special and nice.
AndiM wrote on Apr 4, 2016
Overall rating
100 von 100

Very nice dive site

I´ve been through the snorkel trip during my vacation in Mallorca. That was a very nice experience, we went to a beautiful cove and access to the best sites were shown to snorkel. I liked it very much because I did not have to research beforehand hours which bay now is the best for snorkeling but I am on the guide left - right decision!

Sehr schöner Tauchplatz

Ich hab während meines Urlaubs in Mallorca den Schnorchelausflug mitgemacht. Das war ein sehr schönes Erlebnis, es ging zu einer hübschen Bucht und uns wurden die besten Stellen zum Schnorcheln gezeigt. Mir hat es sehr gut gefallen, da ich nicht vorher stundenlang recherchieren musste welche Bucht jetzt zum Schnorcheln die beste ist sondern ich hab mich auf den Guide verlassen - richtige Entscheidung!

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