Diving in Mallorca - discover the fascinating underwater world

Explore the beautiful sea while diving in Mallorca! Book a trial dive or diving course in Majorca as a beginner and get to know the marvellous underwater world. The diving equipment is provided and a professional diving school will accompany you during your first steps. Or as a certified diver enjoy impressive dives in the nature reserves and discover hidden caves and shipwrecks. We wish you good air at all times!
Mallorca Diving
Mallorca Diving
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Diving in Mallorca

Majorca is a very multifaceted island that is known among diving fans as an insider tip in the Mediterranean. Due to the short flying time, warm water temperatures from May to October and numerous maritime nature parks and marine reserves along the coast, Mallorca is ideal for diving. A large number of beautiful and varied dive sites can be found along the coast, with the south and southwest of Majorca being particularly popular for diving. Many diving schools in Mallorca offer the complete range of scuba diving, from introductory dives to diving courses and guided dives. The underwater world is varied and offers perfect conditions for diving beginners.

What can you see while diving in Mallorca?

The visibility is very good, especially in summer. While diving in Majorca you can often see large shoals of fish, such as barracudas, damselfish, big amberjacks, white seabreams and goldfish. It is particularly impressive when you dive in Mallorca to see the up to 1.5 m large and up to 50 year old specimens of the groupers (especially in the southwest of the island), which are also happy to be stroked or pose for a photo. There are also frequent encounters with the intelligent octopus, red dragonfish, moray eels and bright red starfish. If you are lucky, you can also see dolphins, seahorses, stingrays or sea turtles while diving in Mallorca. The coast is also home to many crabs, lobsters and snails painted in bright colours.

When you dive in Mallorca you can expect a varied underwater landscape. Many bays and beaches are ideal for beach diving, and from the coast you can reach numerous small islands and marine reserves by boat in a short time. There are a large number of caves and impressive cliffs and escarpments under water, which offer shelter to a variety of marine life. In some places there are also wrecks that you can explore while diving in Majorca.

Is diving in Mallorca recommended if you have never dived before?

Everybody starts small and many diving schools offer an introductory dive especially for absolute beginners. During the introductory dive you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor for about 3-4 hours, who will shortly teach you the most important theory about diving and then carry out a first, easy dive in the sea with you. So you can dive for the first time in Mallorca without any previous knowledge and get to know the feeling under water, the fascinating sea inhabitants and the unique underwater landscape. If you enjoy the introductory dive, you can complete the basic diving course "Open Water Diver", which takes about 3-5 days.

Diving in Mallorca for certified divers

As a certified diver, Majorca offers you a wide range of different dive sites. All diving schools offer regular, guided dives, which usually include the complete equipment. It is important for the participation in the guided dives that you carry your diving brevet or your diving licence to prove your diving experience. During the organized dives you don't have to worry about anything, but can be shown the most beautiful dive spots of the local divers. This way diving in Mallorca is really fun!

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