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Diving in Mallorca - explore the fascinating underwater world

Diving in Majorca - discover the fascinating underwater world. From diving equipment to dive training, you will find the best providers!
  1. Tauchen OK Zeichen Mallorca

    Dive course, guided dives and trial dives in Mallorca south

    All-year opened dive center in Colonia de Sant Jordi and Cala Figuera. Book your first trial dive in Mallorca or the PADI Open Water Diver course. We also offer coastal dives or a diving trip to Cabrera island, the maritime national park.

    from 40.- €

  2. Learn diving in Palmanova in southwestern Majorca

    Learn diving in Palmanova in southwestern Majorca

    With the English speaking dive center in Palmanova, you can explore Mallorca under water at a trial dive or do a PADI Open Water Diver course during your holiday and go diving in marine reserves. Possible from April till October!

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    from 65.- €

  3. Trial diving close to Playa de Palma, Majorca, or diving course PADI

    Trial diving close to Playa de Palma, Majorca, or diving course PADI

    Majorca offers more than just parties: Close to Playa de Palma, you can try scuba diving and do your first trial dive as an absolute beginner in the beautiful Mediterranean sea. Or get your diving licence at a PADI dive course for diving worldwide!

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    from 69.- €

  4. Discover Scuba Diving in Mallorca, Illetas (southwest): your first trial dive

    Discover Scuba Diving in Mallorca, Illetas (southwest): your first trial dive

    Ideal for those who want to explore the underwater world with the help of professional instructors. 2 hours taster course plus 1 dive and / or 4 hours scuba - diving for beginners and advanced divers
    1 Review(s)

    from 54.-€

  5. tauchausflug piratenhoehle taucher am eingang

    Snorkeling trip in the "Pirate Cave" Porto Colom in the east of Majorca

    A fantastic excursion in a speedboat for all divers and snorkelling enthusiasts in the famous "Pirate Cave" of Cala Varques. Equipment is provided. Also for children from 8 years a great experience!
    3 Review(s)

    from 59.-€

  6. Diving course in Mallorca east or trial dive in Porto Colom

    Diving course in Mallorca east or trial dive in Porto Colom

    Learn diving with a professional diving course in Mallorca and explore the versatile and beautiful underwater world. If you just want to try scuba diving for the first time, you can enjoy a trial dive in Portocolom with an experienced English-speaking dive instructor.

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    from 32.40€

  7. Mallorca Tauchkurs

    Diving in Port Andratx, Mallorca: Discover Scuba Diving or dive courses

    Get fascinated by diving in Mallorca southwest during a fun 4-hours trial diving excursion or at a PADI diving course "Open Water Diver" during 3-5 days. Professional and experienced dive school close to beautiful marine reserves.

    from 89.- €

  8. Snorkeling / diving in Santa Ponsa, Majorca in the Southwest

    Snorkeling / diving in Santa Ponsa, Majorca in the Southwest

    Explore the underwater world of Mallorca. The dive center is located in Santa Ponca. Very convenient snorkeling trips available as well as various options for diving, beginners and experts will like it
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    from 38.-€

  9. Palma Aquarium: Diving with sharks in Majorca

    Palma Aquarium: Diving with sharks in Majorca

    This unique experience at Palma Aquarium you will never forget. Scuba diving with sharks with an experienced dive team and the highest level of security. Diving license required, minimum age 18 years or parental consent
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Mallorca Diving
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Diving in Mallorca

Diving on holiday and exploring the breathtaking underwater world of Mallorca coast in the depths of the sea. That sounds exactly to your liking? Book your diving course and let yourself be carried away by the indescribable feeling of being completely surrounded by water. You will find diving schools that offer you as a beginner or as an Intermediate different courses all over the island. Immerse yourself in the world of fish and aquatic plants. In Mallorcan Sea, a completely distinct fascinating habitat that will astonish for sure. Discover Mallorca with a dive from the bottom, for example, in the southwest in Illetas or Palmanova. Make underwater acquaintance with the incredible biodiversity, and if you look closely, you might even discover a pearl treasure.

Are you interested in diving in Mallorca, you do not have to discover the treasure of a sunken Spanish galleon centuries ago in the sea, to afford this pleasure can. The tickets sunbonoo you have the opportunity to try diving in Majorca and experience the fascinating underwater world of the Mediterranean close at moderate prices. When diving in Majorca Safety is of course great. To bring experienced professionals to the best spots and offer you an unforgettable dive that is on the list of your most beautiful vacation experiences certainly end up near the top. The equipment for diving in Majorca will naturally provided by the provider, so you can be sure that it is in perfect condition.

Who wants to experience during his vacation something he can at home do not have is the right place for diving in Mallorca. Nearly weightless gliding with the fish through the blue water and let the everyday stresses behind - with a ticket for diving in Majorca do not jump into cold water. Make sure you get an experience you will not soon forget.